Thursday, October 7, 2010



is a form of psychological abuse in which false information is presented to the victim with the intent of

making them doubt their own memory and perception

October 14th,15th and 16th Josephine's Echopraxia (Marissa Rae Niederhauser) and Project: Space Available present Gaslit, with sound by Michael Hayes. Gaslit is the last of a series of three tableau vivants titled It doesn't matter if it has been said before some things bear repeating, created during a two month residency at

More exhibition than performance, audience members are invited to come and go or meander at will. The gallery will be open from 8-9 pm on Thursday, October 14th and from 7-8 pm on Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th. Why not stop in before heading out for the evening?

Also on view will be the residual installation of previous tableau vivants, On second thought maybe I don't want to be your trophy wife, with videography by Dave Hanagan, and Your morality tales are ignorant and arrogant and I am sick of hearing them with videography by Corrie Befort.

Project: Space Available is located on 10th between Pike and Pine in the same building as SweatBox Yoga, just follow the signs or email or

for more information.

Donations for Project: Space Available accepted at door.

Creation of this work was made possible in part by an Artist Trust Grants for Artist Projects (GAP). Find out more at

Please note this show involves difficult (but true to life) subject matter. It is not appropriate for children.

The Thursday showing is a special Arts Crush event

Special Thank You:

Greatful Bread Bakery, Project: Space Available, QFC, Vanessa DeWolf, Chris Lahoda, Jeremy Barker, Michael Hayes, helga hizer, Quentin DeWolf, Monica Mata Giliam, Alice Gosti, Corrie Befort,Tanya Card, Kevin Kauer, Artist Trust, and Shunpike,