Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hand Crafted 'Holding This For You' Merch on Sale Now

The following items are made out of props used in the film 'Holding This For You'.  I've included an asking price, but if you like something-make an offer!  These are all handmade by me and proceeds will go directly towards the post-production costs of my current film project, 'Tracings'.

These are limited run (of 10), signed dvds of the film.  Materials used in the one of a kind packaging include medical gauze used in the costuming and keys and single-edged blades (filed down and safe to touch) used as props that littered the dance floor in the thousands.  
Only 4 dvds left! 

close up to show detail
all 4 dvds
asking price $30 each

These are wristcuffs (gender-free jewelry!).  Each is made of re-purposed materials in addition to featuring a prop from the movie.  Or.... feel free to email me your wrist size and design preferences and I will custom make you one.

A single-edged blade sandwiched under shimmery translucent ribbon. (xxsmall)
 asking price $20
Ok, this one isn't made out of anything from the film, but it does have a piece of film prominently featured on it. (medium)
 asking price $10

These both feature keys that my bare little feet danced upon in the movie. (medium-large. pink or green stitching.)
 asking price $15

The following are originally intended as chokers, but others have used them as hair accessories, wrist bands, bookmarks, and wall hangings.

 Three single-edged blades used as props and re-purposed pointe shoe ribbons (from my ballerina past) in pink and blue.

asking price $35

Single-edged blade, decorative metallic stitching (hot pink) and recycled pointe shoe ribbon     (peach).

asking price $20

Blade, pointe shoe ribbon, accent ribbon.
asking price $25

Blade, pink pointe shoe ribbon, light blue accent ribbon. (note: this ribbon does show the wear of being stitched to a shoe.)
asking price $8

 The edgiest ;) earrings money can buy.
asking price $5

Special Orders Welcome!

Payments can be arranged through paypal, if outside of Seattle.   Shipping costs as needed will be in addition to agreed upon price.  Thanks for taking a look.