Monday, September 15, 2008

12 Min. Max

This Sunday and Monday the 21st and 22nd I will be performing live a short excerpt from my film 'Tracings' as part of the 30th anniversary exhibition of On The Boards' 12 Minutes Max.

This is what OTB has to say about the solo:
"Josephine’s Echopraxia stems from the mysterious choreographic world of Marissa Rae Niederhauser. This solo dance erupts elegantly into moments of meticulous rage then gracefully returns to a simple and sacred state of being."

Dave Hanagan will be helping with a visual art element and I have done my first garageband mix ever... so that I'm not performing it in the silence it was filmed in.

The show is at 7pm and costs $8.
OTB is located at 100 W. Roy in lower Queene Anne.
Come check it out!

Stay posted for these other upcoming events:
My film "Holding This For You" premiers at Local Sightings the first weekend of October.
I will also be performing the same solo from 'Tracings' at Artslaunch, end of October. I'm sure it will have morphed by then, so come see it both times :)

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