Thursday, April 23, 2009

Monolodge 6 at Annex

Preview photos of my dance at Annex  opening this weekend as part of Monolodge 6 by the Unicycle Collective.  (photos by Ian  Johnston)

Lineup includes: Mary Purdy, Kelleen Conway Blanchard, Mark Siano, Seth Rosenbloom, Christa Bell, Keith Hitchcock, Kate Smith and Chris Bell.

Show runs Fri 4/24 and Sat 4/25 11 pm, Sat 5/2 11pm, Sun 5/3 8 pm, Fri 5/8 and Sat 5/9 11pm at Annex Theatre 11th and Pike. Tickets $9 ($5 students and seniors) through

All solo performances on the topic of "Love's Tangled Web"

It has been an interesting challenge restaging the piece at the last minute to con form to the demands of performing on a rug. It has led to some fine developments. Come see the result!