Friday, October 2, 2009

stop loss

As I prepare to perform 'stop loss' tonight at Annex theater.  The following things are on my mind. 
The hopelessness of the individual in the face of unfathomable evils such as war and exploitation. We have no rational, productive means to fight such terrors.  Our most widely used tools, those of information and communication continue to fail us... what are we left with? Superstition, including ritual, religion, and art-also art as a discharge of pent up emotions, and hope.  These flimsy amulets are all we have.  
"Stop Loss"  as simple as "Got Milk?"  Setting oneself up in opposition to loss in all of it's forms-  not against only the violence of war, but also the violence of illness,  of accident,  the violence of mortality.  
Against loss. 
The one thing that is pointless to oppose because it is unstoppable is the only thing really worth opposing.  Does that pointlessness mean we give up?
Irrational hope is all we have to keep us in forward motion until our final loss eventually comes.

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