Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I will be creating a site specific dance, physical sculpture and video installation Saturday, September 24th, at The Hedreen Gallery at Seattle University’s Lee Center for the Arts, located at 901 12th Ave as part of their NIGHT CLUB series.

The event will begin at 7:45. Please arrive on time as audience members will be led on a small tour starting from the Hedreen Gallery. This is a free community event. For more information please email

This is a very exciting opportunity for J's E as the event is specifically designed to bring the school's students out as a way to not only see new art but get to know working artist's. After the performance the audience is invited for an all-night SLEEPOVER!

Josie is doin it for the kids!

Also, I am pretty excited to touch back with some material presented during my Project: Space Available residency

I will be further exploring manipulation and ownership in gender relations bringing in fresh research into Hitchcock Blondes, visual framing as dismemberment, substance abuse as a method of control and drowning as a parallel for identity erosion.

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